Agencies for maids in mumbai ?

Sutleza Kamble

desperate for a maid .. please help with some reliable agencies for maids in mumbai

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Why do you want to go somewhere else when you can book a maid online on bookmybai ??? Bookmybai supplies domestic maids in mumbai and they are a startup with corporate background. I met the team and they are very ethical and nice people. Try them.


I agree with Swati. Bookmybai is very very good domestic help services company in mumbai.

Priti Sharma

trying to find a maid in mumbai and after reading these comments I will contact bookmybai. Thank you guys!

Amrapali Suryawanshi

BookMyBai - I recommend using them. I have used and satisfied with their services. Better than most of the others. I hired a lady for child care in mumbai.

Chaitali Ingale

I had contacted a lot of domestic help agency in mumbai. But most of them were asking for an advance payment. I failed to understand why do you need an advance payment. I like the concept of bookmybai. Will try them once I need a maid again.

Neha Jadhav

Shradha - live in maid 12000 to 15000 per month

Priyanka Gaikwad

I hired a domestic help in mumbai with the help of bookmybai. They charge one months salary. Smooth process

Swati Mehendale

I dont trust any domestic maid agency in mumbai. I have burnt my hands once. But since you have no choice just for the kill and hire any agency. If your luck is good then you will get a maid

Charu Jadhav

Guys, What is the avg salary of domestic servants in mumbai ?

Shradha Mehrotra

Need a live in maid for cooking n cleaning --I have a cocker spaniel female dog too..


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