Daycare vs Nanny

Bharti Singh

Dear friends, Am in a dilemma and cannot decide. Got a good daycare for my 2.5 year old and he have been fine there for last 2 weeks. My long time nanny left so took a trial at daycare. Now she is ready to come back. Should I switch back to the 12 hr nanny model...she is trustworthy, educated and have been there with us for long time or should I stick to daycare as my son loves it, enjoys there and eats well as of date? Any suggestions friends?

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The daycare options sounds more reliable, with much more fun activities and security than what the Nanny must be providing. Weight your options by reasoning why your nanny left in the first place, what if she leaves again, etc etc? Once your kid grows up, he will find it difficult to adjust to daycare. I know of a 5 y.o who disliked the daycare,since they were made to change clothes indiscreetly, whereas the 5 y.o was used to privacy.

Pooja Palvi

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