Finding a Nanny in Mumbai

Anjali Khanvilkar

Hey guys, I am looking to hire a 24 hr nanny for the first couple of months.. I want a nanny who knows about neo natal care and how to give a massage etc.. My mum is only going to be with be for 3-4 weeks then i am on your own and really scared!! Let me know what you guys are planning if you have any references.. Cheers

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i used to hire a nanny in mumbai. v professional ppl. dey looked into my requirement for a nanny and i got a very reliable one. I am a fan of this portal. solving the problem of every mother. try them

Sabana Khan

even i would be requiring a day-time baby helper once i am back from my mom's place. My colleagues have tried a few hiring agencies, but most of them turned out to be v unprofessional. So i had left a word with my cook & maid since 2nd trim itself and have found a day-time baby helper finally. I haven't discussed commercials with her as yet, only expressed my interest. Maybe you shud try through word of mouth if u want a day time maid. If u require a live-in one, then u can look at the agencies.

Nancy Mendes

i contacted a maid agency in kolkata and they sent me a maid from there. They were very expensive. They charged me around 50000 for the maid plus the maid salary every month. I wish I had seen bookmybai earlier :( They seem to be very nice service

Preeti Verma

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