Frustrated with nanny.. plz help

Tanvi Dhumal

Hi momies After 9 peaceful months post pregnancy with parents, I shifted to bangalore with a nanny. This lady was referred by one of our relative. We were told that she is very good nanny who can take care of domestic work n cooking as well. So I decided to start an independent life without bothering my parents. Also, I had plans to join back to my work. But after coming here, things are not going well. The nanny is not at all interested in my baby. Neither she plays with her nor she takes care of her. I am bathing my baby, feeding her, changing nappy everything. She dont even bother to look into these affairs. Worst of all, my baby starts crying at her very sight. Even if baby cries, tha lady dont even care to soothe her. now I am not able to do my personal work also. I am not able to go to toilet, bathroom etc when my baby is awake. Planning to dismiss this lady. But I need real help in finding a new one. How to understand them before appointing? Time is too short for me. I have to go back to my work. I am planning for a 9 to 5 nanny. If this wont work, I have look for a daycare. Anyone aware of good agents for nanny in bangalore? Please post your comments.

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Hi, any options for nanny in hyderabad location?


do not go for any house maid bureau in mumbai. I have tried multiple home maid services in mumbai and none of them could find me a reliable maid. I finally found a maid by my reference. I have heard good reviews of bookmybai though. Will try to use their house maid services when I require one

Sneha Jayant Sangle

Do you provide service in Bangalore? I am looking for a nanny in Bangalore


full time maid required in mumbai . any suggestions ?

Dipika Banerjee

Please go for day care than leaving baby alone with nanny. If you want, keep a nanny and call your parents/in-laws to supervise. But BIG NO to leaving baby alone with her.

Nikita Kamble

Agree with above post, S no nanny alone with baby, best thing is sending baby to day care

Kranti Bhere

I would second all mommies here and recommend to go for a day care if no family member is able to supervise the nanny at home. I am in a nuclear setup as well only hubby, LO and me at home.. but since I am home based, I am ok leave my LO with her as I can walk in and check on how she is taking care of his feeds, etc. Even tho my nanny is very good and takes good care of the baby (touchwood) At times I have noticed some slip ups too, so it is good to be around to instruct them on how you would like things to be done. I am sure I would not continue with nanny if I had to leave LO alone and go to office. I had advertised for a nanny job on and got few ppl responding to it.. you can try that and they provide contact details of the applicants...hope this helps..

Supriya Kurade

No a big no for a nanny alone with baby .the best way is to send them in day care ( trusted).


Looking for a nanny in hyderabad


You can try I had connected them when I needed nanny and though I didn't go ahead with them eventually, they seemed quite professional

Indu Gete

it sounds like a frustrating situation indeed. I personally would prefer a daycare and leaving the precious child with professionals and not whimsical nannies. While u keep searching for a nanny, maybe u shud start sending your baby for an hour or two to a daycare...hopefully other mothers here from Bangalore wud be able to help you

prerna patil

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