How much is the salary of a japa maid in Kolkata

Surekha Kamble

How much is the salary of a japa maid in Kolkata

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They charge about 25 thousand for 40 days

Sanjeevani Dumdekar

How much commission they had charged?

prashant gupta

Urgently need Japa maid in Mumbai, Dhaisar area.Budget is Max 25-30k ( including commission)


Need a japa maid for baby and mother for 40 days maid shud have a passport

Poonam Chand

Bookmybai arranged one for me and paid 30k including their commission for 40 days

Sapna Gola

I paid 40k for 40 days

Sonal Malvankar

I want a japa maid for 45 days in delhi One who can cook also Pls contact asap


Im looking for a Japa maid in the the budget of 25K including the commission etc. Im located in Mumbai, Goregaon area


Want a japa bai in september first week...

Nishi jain

Need a maid in chennai


I need japa maid in April end.


15000 + tickets for both d sides for 40 dazs

Dipika chandak

That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for coiignbuttnr.


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