I live in delhi. Can someone send a maid from kolkata

Sharda Devi

I live in delhi. Can someone send a maid from kolkata

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I got my maid in bangalore from bookmybai and they sent me from mumbai. I think they can also send a maid to delhi if you ask them

Roshani Vaish

I live in delhi and bookmybai sent me a maid from Mumbai to delhi. She is good at work

Pratibha Bendal

Contact maid agency in kolkata and they will send you in delhi. I had sent one to my daughter in delhi

Mayuri Sawant

Need nepali maid in Chandigarh


It will be expensive to send. Try contacting local maid agencies

Shweta Shankar Rawnang

I urgently need full time maid . I m living in Delhi.

Shikha Jindal

Need nepali maid in Chandigarh9988604233


Why not from Delhi??


i also need


We are from Bangalore. We need a maid from Kolkatta. Please call 9980215240


We need a full time maid in Delhi. Do you provide maids in Delhi?


i need baby sitter


hr id please


Hiii, Will you please share your Hr Email id.


i live in delhi need maid(from new delhi) is it possible?

soma roy

Hi I am running a maid center in AP i got clients for full time maid or livin main m running short to provide the maid... was hoping if i coukd get any help with regrds to this... please contact or reply what so ever may be the repond thankyou

Jeet M

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