Is it safe to have a full time maid for home in mumbai?

Santoshi Prashant Dhekle

I am contemplating between live in maid or 12 hours maid who comes in the morning and goes in the evening. Does anyone else have maid and can give suggestions ?

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I suggest a 12 hours maid. I have never felt safe with live in maid.

Shweta Tambde

I have a live in maid for over 12 years. My mother had sent her from delhi. She has been like my younger sister. She knows more abt me that I know abt myself.

Pratiksha Devarkar

I had hired a full time maid in mumbai from bookmybai. its been over 6 months and there has been no problem. So i guess it does not matter whether the maid is for 12 hours or 24 hours. But should hire from a reliable source

Jyoti More

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