Is it useful to hire a Japa maid ?

Nutan Anand Sutar

Hi .. has anyone hired a Japa maid (40 days) and if what all do they help in.. Pls share number of any agency/maid if you were happy with their services :) Thanks a ton.

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Hi all.. I know a japa maid and she is excellent just like a mother.. she is well mannered and has good personality and experience of several years.. self experience.. she is based in Delhi near G.k. 1.. if any one interested I can share her number..


hi to all.., i was attendin Antenatal classes near my house where i got to know from my doc n some friend tht these days very difficult to trust the Japas cz few incident happen where these Japas jus make money n put us in trouble.. Sorry to share One incident where japa did the massage of Baby for 40 days n few months later came in notice tht Baby has some prob in sitting cz some vein is pulled during initial days of massage... In these classes they trained us for massage, Baby handling, nappy changing etc.. N doc said if we do these things by our self wil b able to make bond with our Baby fast n strong... M not against keeping Japas personally it jus i want u guys to b lil smart when u hire them... Cz everyones requirement is diff.. As i stay in joint family n thre is my mom in law n sis in law to help me for tit bits.., though we have hired one more full time maid for our household work once the baby is here... But i n my hubby dnt believe in keepin maid for baby.. I knw it gonna b difficult for me initially to cope with all... Changing nappy day n nite wil put me into gush for few days ..... Lol...;) but ready for it with open heart... Pls dnt mind for my comment.... Cz i knw few of my frnds here stay in nuclear family n r working too, so they need helping hand for initial 40 days... Pls take it as a suggestion n be lil careful... Hope u all have great time ahead.... :)

Neeraj Lukher

i need Jappa maid (hindi speaking) in Delhi- Dwarka from June 27th onwards... pls contact me if anyone has available Jappa maids


Hi Friends, I do understand how you struggle to find a reliable Babysitters or care takers, since I'm the father of 8 months old kid, I too have undergone the same experience, I live in Hebbal kempapura, Bangalore, after going through some agency's and frustrations, One of my neighbor referred me to an agency called MRS baby care services, I received a care taker from them, I was really happy with their services, the nanny was so professional, agency too responded quite professionally, they charged me Rs.11400/- per month including all charges, which was quite affordable, actually I would want to go to their office and thank them once for the service they offered.

Lalita Padekar

I haven't hired one but contemplating on hiring for the 1st 40 days. I have friends who have hired them and they have found them extremely helpful, specially when the maid wakes up with you during nights (breastfeeding and changing sheet times). The only thing that I am stuck with before making a decision is the price that they ask for (Rs 16K-18K) for 40 days + going and coming train fare from Kolkata. The agency that I know of is the one from Kolkata (Archana Agency) Let me know if you are able to strike any bargain with them or if there are any NCR agencies:)

Yasmin Shah

Need jaapa maid immediately for my daughter! The one we had hired couldn't make it in the last minute. Someone Pl share contact number!


i also know of Archana. they asking for 17 K for 40 but I am not sure if they are good .. do u have any reviews.. thanks

Vaishali Jamma

need japa maid from kolkatta experienced one in mumbai

usha Mehta

need japa maid from kolkatta experienced one in mumbai

usha Mehta

how are u doing.. I am still searching a good agency for Japa.. I have finally taken Moolchand Hospital as none of the hospitals in Noida/East Delhi allow to have a labour partner..


let me know as well if you find a good one in Noida... Btw did you finalize your doc??

Shamal Sandesh Thakur

i need a japa maid within a week time, part time / full time what ever is convenient , will do massage of mom n new born baby , will take care of food , cleaning house , n washing cloths in hari nagar ddu hospital , 110064


need a japa in the month of nov 1st week


Hi! I need Japa Maid (South-Indian) experienced one in Delhi. If you can contact me and share the best negotiable rates.

Shikha Kaul Sharma

I need a japa maid in faridabad asap


I need a good jappa in noida. Can anyone pleaae suggest from Jan 2017?

dr shuchi bajaj

Can anyone please share any japa maid no. Or mrs baby care number..badly needed

Pinku batra

Archana agency is horrible Der original name is The Lady Rogers Indian Nurses Bureau Its a nightmare. Dont waste ur imp days in a lesson ffor a life.


Hi, can someone please share the number of Archana agency?? It's a bit urgent and your experience if any.


Hi I booked a japa walli from someone called damyantigeeta home But not able to contact them is there anyone who knows??


Need a baby care Female lady for 5 Months Baby Location Sector 9 , Gurgaon Mobile 09118820000

Jitender Kumar Punia

Charges for Japa maids for baby..


Hello !! I paid up Archana Jhapa agency 17,000 for 1 month and money for ticket .As soon as the money reached their account , the lady Archana started talking extremely rude .I have paid up money do nt know what to do .Extremely unprofessional , hope I can recover my money


Need a Japa maid by the end of October so please give me a call as soon as possible and lemme know the rates that you charge for one Japa maid

Anmol Kaur

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