Pls help me with Food Schedule for a 8m totally confused


Hi Mommies My lo has his 8 month bday today and I am still confused about whether I am feeding him well or not. The right nutrition, right combination food, right timing, without missing out on anything. I follow the following schedule: 6.30-7am- BF 8am-BF 9.30am-BF 11am– Breakfast (Oats or Ragi or Custard with Apple/Pear Puree) 1-1.30pm- 4oz -6oz FM 2.30-3pm- Curd (which he does not take more than 2-3 spoons)with banana/mango or just some fruit 4-4.30pm – Lunch (Dal with rice/Dalia/Sabutdana with veggies in Khichadi form) 6pm- BF 7.30pm-BF (Two Parle G biscuit/a rusk to nibble in between while we having evening tea) 8.30pm-BF 9.30pm- Dinner(Suji with or without fruits or Oats if not given in morning) 11pm- a lil BF before sleeping 3am- a lil BF 5.30am – a lil BF (at times) So in totality the following is what I have introduced till now: Fruits – Mango, Pear, Apple, Banana, Chickoo, Papaya ,Watermelon & Muskmelon ( he doesn’t like these two a lot) Veggies – Potato, Lauki (Bottle Gaurd), Tori ( Ridge Gaurd),Tinda (Round Gaurd), Yellow Pumpkin Dal – Dhuli Mong & Mong Chilka Cereals – Rice, Suji, Ragi, Oats, Dalia, Custard, Sabutdana Spices – Haldi, Jeera, Ajwain ( no salt, no sugar) Pls Pls Pls suggest if I am actually going the right way ahead and what should I start or continue for future. Thanks a lot Mommies

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Woowww i think ur dng grt... Pat on ur back.... I wish my kid are wht ut lo is eating.... My 7 mnth old wont eat veggies We r stuck on apple & pear puree And i putting 2 spoons of cooked khicdi I am way behind u & frustrated ...

Usha Pillai

Hi all, my lo is 8 months old today. He still wakes up 3 times at night for nursing. He finishes his dinner (ragi) by 9 and sleeps at 10.. I heard by 7 months they sleep all night .. Anyone of u facing the same?? Plz help if I need to do something !!! Thanks:)

Sheena Singh

Hatts off to you for maintaining such a good schedule while working.. I am a working mom too. I love to give my baby variety of foods, but confused what to give and what to not. If it ok to give Curd to a 8th month old baby? also how do u make Oats or Ragi or Custard with Apple/Pear Puree?? and what is Dalia? Please reply... Thank you in Advance. Others can help me with their recipies too...

Neeta Patkar

This is my menu on good days so the max. Days like yesterday he doesnt eat breakfast or dinner and just lunch with somethings here & there....I will try and avoid rusks/biscuits & explore other finger foods. Could you pls explain what is veg crisps??? For the dinner I know it is late but the problem is that I get back home from work ard 6 and then bf him twice between 6-8 so it eventually ends up to be ard 9-9.30 as I maintain a gap of atleast an hour so that he is hungry......but what should I do????

Mangal Baburao Raorane ABC

more than this? my 14 month old has fewer meals a day! only thing I would avoid biscuits and rusks due to the sugar and salt and hydrogenated fats in them... not good for a baby so young and creates a poor habit. how about some other finger food? veg or fruit... or mine used to like veg crisps made in the microwave, like potato or kale... or tiny bit of soup. .. This could also be his supper instead and dinnee brought forward to 7.30 as it is late enough for such a young one.

Pooja Madhav Manore

Damn gud. My son is 5 months so need to start from next month. Please suggest what how much n when to give.

Ashwini Kumthekar

.I think it takes time. Nevan (my son) also eats lil qty but I give him variety so he likes it. There are bad days for me as well wherein everything cooked nd done goes waste but then I try to follow this schedule as much as possible. Dont worry, they all will eventually eat when they are hungry...

Archana Morankar

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