Trusted full time maid agencies in Pune

Jeevika Salvi

Hello people, I am looking for reliable and trusted maid agencies in pune who can help me looking for a full time maid and nanny in pune. Please help

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Pradnya thank you for your post. After reading this I contacted bookmybai and they were so professional. Wish everybody would like them

Surekha Pillai

I completely agree with Pradnya

Jenifer Roselin

Chandrika, i think bookmybai is good. I have not used them yet since I already have a maid but my maid will leave in october and I spoke to bookmybai team and they said that they can give me a maid within 24 hours. So I am quite relaxed

Ranjana Pevekar

looking for full time maid 40+ age


Mridula, I have also used bookmybai maid agency. The maid has been working for over a year now. Bookmybai does not charge annual renewal charges which the other agencies charge. So good!!!

Shraddha Pujare

I want their charges for full time maid.


When i was looking for a maid agency i came across bookmybai. I hired a full time nanny from them and it been just 15 days but seems like the nanny has gelled very well with the baby. She was experienced and trained nanny. jeevika, I think you shoud talk to the bookmybai team

Kamini Khanvilkar

Surekha, did you hire from bookmybai ?

Mridula Bakshi

I dont understand why do people fall in th trap of these maid agencies. Bookmybai doesnot charge any advance payment and also allows you a trial period. But still people opt for those small one man maid agency who can abscond anytime. I used bookmybai last month and I am so happy. Even after bookmybai is there in the market, if you choose to goto some other maid agency and then it is your fault and you should not complain later that the maid agency is a fraud and stuff like that. Bookmybai team are a bunch of smart engineers. I have personally met them before taking a maid from them. Stop getting fooled. Work with educated people

Pradnya Shinde

Guys did you try koregaon full time maid agency ? It seems they are fraud

Sidhika Parbhakar

Nanny n housekeeping


Do u provide service in delhi ncr as well


Any one having any idea wherther maids for cleaning are easily available in megapolis, hinjewadi? Or its gonna be a hard search.TIW


I have also burnt my hands by giving payment to the maid agency before the maid joins. They take 2000 rupees and then dont answer phone calls. so frustrated with such services

Poonam More

The word trusted and maid agency does not go hand in hand. I had used kamlabai to hire a maid agency and then the maid stole my gold chain and later absconded. The agency did not even answer my call. Later I called for a maid from my cousins place in Bihar. She is working fine.

Chandrika Kumar

I used bookmybai and they sent me a very good maid from mumbai. She takes 2 days off in a month to go back to mumbai to meet her family. I am okay with that. She has been working for over 4 months now and I am satisfied. No problem either from the agency or from the maid.

Nisha Shinde

Is it reliable , looking for a full time maid to look after a aged lady staying all alone , need someone reliable have to be responsible to pick and drop off to Mumbai airport , her son stays overseas, looking for a reply?


Hi looking for nanny for 1.8year old daughter full time n little bit of housework (no cooking) 6days a week need to be very good with child pune aundh


I am trying to book a full time maid in Delhi,however when I try to register, in sellect the city option I can't find option for Delhi I can't understand this


I m from amritsar,punjab. I need full time maid. Pls help me out i don't know how to approach u.


Hi I have just contacted dis website looking out 4a live in maid for my home 2 tk cr of my boys..


Need a part time maid who can cook for 2 elderly people as per their requirement & sweep the floor on daily basis. Total 2 hours a day in 1st half

Umesh Sathe

I need a maid for 8 hours to look after my bedridden mother..awaiting revert on the process for procuring the same..

shajida kutty

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