how much does a nanny cost

Rajani Reddy

i am in desperate need of a nanny for my 9month daughter. How much will the nanny charge me ? pl help

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9000 per month for 8 hours baby sitter i hired through

Akshata Pawar

I have 5 month old baby..for take care of baby day care is best or nanny? I am confused...


my nanny also cooks and charges rs. 12000 for 12 hours duty

Rakhi Dhamapurkar

Rs. 500 per day

Pragati Parkar

Looking for a baby sitter to take care of 2 year old baby.


my nanny takes Rs. 15000 per month and is very experienced

Sakshi Sachin Padyar

Amita 12K you pay, how many people in your house whats is the kind of work she does i mean mop and washing included?


i need the maid on a weekly basis. how much does a maid cost per week ?

Zainab Asif Shaikh

12000 is what i pay my live in maid

Amita Yadav

Zainab i dont think maids work on a weekly basis.

Puja Kumari

how much does a full time maid charge for a family of three and expecting a baby in Feb, cooking and utensils is what she will do. No washing clothes and mopping the floor.


Anyone knows day care for 6 month old baby in Hyderabad?


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