Need help in finding jappa ladies/nannies/help

Ananya Prabhu

Hello ppl..congratulations to all the may mommies...I'm 5 weeks pregnant...i know it's probably too early but need references or contact numbers of any agencies that can help me with jappa ladies or full time nannies in mumbai..Please help

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Hi Sonia..I'm going to get a few numbers ..will post it...I don't have a mil and I live with my husband and fil...first time pregnancy so worried!!

Soni Vaisya

hi happy mommy83...if you find any please do let me know also...since i stay in mumbai only with my hubby its gonna be really difficult post delivery...i am contemplating to deliver at my mom's place since my mum in law wont be able to come down and even if she is ready to come for my jappa it mite be more of a problem...sorry for being mean but she once told me that she doesnt belive in 40 days rest post delivery as her mum in law gave her only 7 days rest so she too feels that 7 days is still planning what to do...

Namrata Jedhe

Need a full time servant at bilaspur chhattisgarh location.

Rajesh tiwari

10Years experience


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