Whats your experience with maid placement agencies

Manisha Salve

I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy nanny in Pune. What has your experience been with the agencies which supply nanny or baby sitter in pune

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Sajida, but when one needs a baby sitter, she has to hire one. I am working woman and my mother takes care of child. Not everyone stays with family. However one should be careful when having a maid from a third agency in their house

Hasina Shaikh

I agree with Hasina. However recently I hired one from bookmybai and I am quite happy. She is neat and clean and takes care quite well of my baby

Mari Maheshwari

I dont trust them. I handle my baby myself.

Sajida Shaikh

Need a 24 hours maid to take care of my kitchen and kids


I am very very very very happy with bookmybai.com services. I have become a big fan. Although I think its a new company but their service is so good. God bless!

Sonal Dhumale

I also used bookmybai when i was looking for a babysitter in pune. I trusted them and they didnt let me down. I recommend them to all the mothers.

Yasmin Attar

I used domestic maid services in Mumbai to get a maid in Pune. They were very bad. Their maid absconded after few days and now they are not answeing my phone calls.

Shaila Randive

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