what is the right age to use a walker?

Clara Dsouza

My son is 5 months ...when shall i start walker for him? Also can i make him sit for some time with support?

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Yes we have to help our baby to reach milestones that's my opinion...When a new born is unable to latch we must try that baby should learn that...Do we leave their own to learn feeding....we have to support them n yes anything in excess is bad....N baby 'll fall several times in d learning process while u use walker or not....supervision is must in both ways....n as we can't make walk day long same we can't leave in walker for long....injury happens anytime but that doesn't mean he leaves learning walking running rolling n whatever

Huda Patel

I don't understand what do we achieve by making our baby reach milestones faster than other babies n making them advanced!! I wud say its called burdening a child...after they get into rat race they r not going to get their sweet time Its best to let them enjoy their childhood n let them learn when they want to...bcoz eventually the basic sitting standing walking they r going to learn sooner or later My exp still says to not use walker at all!!!


If walkers are used with caution & for few times during the day i think that is fine..My husband is a physical therapist & he thinks that walkers do not damage a baby's walking abilities..Some might say it is not good & some says it is actually good but of course every baby is different..Also while it is true that baby will roll or sit or walk on its own without help, i still think helping them learn those abilities make them more advance than other babies who are left to help themselves..Like my neighbor's baby who at 8 months is still unable to sit and roll..I introduced tummy time and sitting with pillows around to my baby and she was able to sit properly by 5 and half months and rolling at around 6 mos..Since she has now a good muscle control she is able to grasp toys while sitting at an early age..So i can say she is more advance than my neighbor's baby..

Shoba ABC

Its better if you use walker after six months.you can make him sit daily with support but no longer than 5-10 minutes(1-2 a day) at beginning.after five months,you can make him sit for longer.then you can start using walker also..after his spine becomes little stronger.

Hemlata Parab

For my kid...I followed my Ped's advice to not make him sit on his own with support or our support..as soon as he s ready he will sit on his own...annd thts wat happened. We don't need to teach them to sit or walk. They see ppl sitting standin n walking...as soon as they r ready they will do it And pls don't get walker..My personal experience...my fil got a 8 roller walker..n my son used it for like a month n he started keeping his right foot crossed while walking or crawling..we thought its something to b analysed so we took him to doc n he said that these walkers r damaging kids walking pattern..kindly put a stop to it...he will start walking properly once u ban the walker.. So I packed it that very day..pls don't waste ur money in walker

Rashmi Ravindra Dhadve

Give your baby an ample time during the day to practise sitting by propping him in a sitting position with cushions on back and sides. This and tummy time can help your baby develop muscle control enabling him to sit up unaided. If you want to introduce walker, do so when he is able to sit up without support or sit up without falling. Despite the advise on not using walker to babies, i still find the benefits outweighs the disadvantages. I introduced walker to my baby while he was 6 mos old

Mohini Govillkar

I think it's better than after 8 months use walker is best a baby


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